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Frequent Question and answers

Moving My Wordpress  

Q: Can my WordPress be move to one server to another and how?

A: Yes it can be done in more than one way, the most two common ones are by a WP plugins and also can be done manually by a webmaster getting into the server WP directory to be able to make the process of moving all your files.

Recomended Images

Q: What is the most recommended images files recommended for websites now days?

A: The best image format recommended for online uses is WebP just because is a modern image format that provides superior lossless and lossy compression it was made by Google to provide smaller file size to boost web speed.

Best logo format

Q: What is the best image format like for a logo or brand?

A: A vector format will be the recommended one here because you can use it for all your brand needs you can resize it without losing any quality then from there you can convert to any image format you need also a vector file is best for printing.

Images resizing

Q: Do I need to resize or crop my image to different size to make it fit well on my responsive website?

A: Well that's all depends on the platform or software your using to design and develop your website. Some platforms do all the sizing automatically.

Wordpress or Wix

Q: Hello I have a question I love the way Wix looks but my Friend say Wordpress best and old.

A: Yes also I do prefer Wordpress over Wix and by a lot. Worpress have way many options even addons and thems for free you can use for your website. Wix looks nice also the builder work nice but they dint allowed me to migrate my site and that was a killer for me.

Free or Paid Hosting

Q: My friend told me about a free hosting but my question is are they really good?

A: I have try some in the past but they are very limiting and by very i really mean it, and if they are good and not so limiting they tend to change or disappear in the future. I did try one years ago very good no so limiting but then they change after a year for a paid model.

Then the paid host is the one I go for they can be cheap to expensive depending your needs but they offer a lot and worth every penny in my opinion.